Where do I find the road restrictions?

When logged into LoadPass, from the Help Menu, select About the Program, then under Quicklinks, select Restricted Road Map.

When entering a Route, what  ‘Restriction’ level do I choose when the road shows no restriction on the Restricted Road Map?

Choose ‘By Legal Weight,’ unless it is a township road, then look for an information circle located on the map within the county you are traveling and click on it to expand the list of information, including township road weights.

How do I know if I am traveling on a township, county or city road?

On the left-hand side of the Restricted Road Map, view the legend to determine what the color-code is for the road you are traveling

How do I know what township I am in?

On the left-hand side of the Restricted Road Map in the ‘Layers Box’ there is a box that is not checked, select that box to bring up the township layer.

How do I find out what the restriction is for township roads?

On the Restricted Road Map, select the information circle, if available, to see additional information regarding that counties township information.

How do I know who to contact for township approval?

In LoadPass, on the permit form Route Page, you will list the road type as ‘township’, select the county, choose the township, on the township approval field, there will be a button titled 'View Township Contacts' for you to select to view the contact information.

Can I get apply for permits on the weekend?

Yes.  You can apply for permits through ucp.ndenergy.org 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  However, if your permit requires approval from the county, it may take longer on the weekends to get your permit approved. Be sure to submit permits accordingly.

Who do I contact in the county that I am traveling in?

In LoadPass, select the Help menu item in your account, select About the Program, select County Contacts

Can I extend the date on my permit?

Contact the permit team @ 701-566-5576 to request date changes or extensions

Can I use my permit for divisible loads

No.  Currently, our system does not provide permits for divisible loads.

How do I resubmit my permit that was returned to me for changes?

When a permit has been returned to you for changes, you will see it listed in your pending folder of your dashboard.  Select the permit number to open the permit.  Scroll down to the section that needs to be changed-select edit-make the requested change(s)-update-select next-scroll down to the comments box-add comment-select resubmit changes.  The permit will then be resubmitted to the county(s) for approval.

What is the difference between a trip permit and a rig move permit?

A Rig Move Permit is a permit granting permission to move a drilling rig within that participating county.  A Trip Permit is a permit to move an individual load. For example, a work-over rig; a fixed load hauled on a truck and trailer; or any type of equipment that is being roaded, would need to apply for a trip permit.

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